Crime, Gender, & related: a tale of the two sexes

WASHINGTON – The number of working moms who are the sole breadwinners in their families rose last year to an all-time high, and the number of stay-at-home dads edged higher, in a shift of traditional gender roles caused partly by massive job losses.

A Las Vegas man beat his wife today, left her unconscious next to a freeway in Upland and kidnapped their 9-month-old son, but he was arrested in Norwalk about four hours later and the infant was unharmed, authorities said.

Gender in Crime Coverage: A Case Study of a Local Newspaper

About 3% of American men – a total of 2.78 million men – have experienced a rape at some point in their lifetime (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2006).

In 2003, one in every ten rape victims was male. While there are no reliable annual surveys of sexual assaults on children, the Justice Department has estimated that one of six victims are under age 12 (National Crime Victimization Study, 2003).

71% of male victims were first raped before their 18th birthday; 16.6% were 18-24 years old, and 12.3% were 25 or older (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2006).

Males are the least likely to report a sexual assault, though it is estimated that they make up 10% of all victims (RAINN, 2006).

22% of male inmates have been raped at least once during their incarceration; roughly 420,000 prisoners each year (Human Rights Watch, 2001). 

Male victims of sexual assault are an often forgotten population–unseen, neglected, and underserved. The following information has been put together so that this population of victims can be better understood and supported.
About 3% of American men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.1

 •In 2003, 1 in every ten rape victims were male.2

•2.78 million men in the U.S. have been victims of sexual assault or rape.

Male Rape Victims And the Penetration Problem

In today’s Sexist Beatdown, we discussed the reluctance to accept men as victims of sexual assault. Men, according to the Gender Police, are seen as unrapeable—they are constantly expected to pursue sex, and are therefore impossible to violate. Commenter Drew noted another cultural barrier to male victims of sexual assault—our tendency to conflate sexual violation with penetration.

The Department of Justice today released findings from its first study of violent crime on college campuses that indicates college students were victimized by violent crime at a lower rate (68 violent victimizations per 1,000 students 18 to 24 years old) than were non-students of the same age (82 violent victimizations per 1,000 non-students aged 18 to 24 years old).  Female college students were about half as likely as were male college students to be victims of violent crime — an annual average of 47 violent crimes per 1,000 female students vs. 91 violent crimes per 1,000 male students. Female college students were substantially less likely to be victimized by a violent crime than were similarly aged women in the general population (47 per 1,000 vs. 78 per 1,000).

 In 2008 the rate of intimate partner victimizations for females was 4.3 victimizations per 1,000 females age 12 or older. The equivalent rate of intimate partner violence against males was 0.8 victimizations per 1,000 males age 12 or older.

The rate of intimate partner violence against females declined 53% between 1993 and 2008, from 9.4 victimizations per 1,000 females age 12 or older to 4.3 per 1,000. Against males, the rate declined 54%, from 1.8 victimizations per 1,000 males age 12 or older to 0.8 per 1,000.

Between 1993 and 2007 the overall rate of female homicides fell 43% from 4.18 to 2.38 homicides per 100,000 female U.S. residents.

28 responses to “Crime, Gender, & related: a tale of the two sexes

  1. gunslingergregi

    Yay I went to jail and didn’t get raped. It was like a club for cool guys. Maybe federal prison would be diferent.

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Well according to the statistics, you’re part of the 78% (I think it was 22% who has been raped in jail..) who hasn’t been victimized by other men in jail. :)

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Hopefully there won’t be a bunch of mras selectively choosing which of the statistics in my post will matter enough for them to quote. I’m looking for good readers not whiny babies.

  2. gunslingergregi

    ”””””’msexceptiontotherule permalink
    I’m not looking for other guys to post here to get my attention!

    I just want regular readers (female and male) who come for my brilliant writing and all of the interesting things that I provide for entertainment after weeding through all of the crap that’s out around the web and post the good stuff on here.

    What but then we lose our sense of personal space even though it is out in open lol
    But yea imagine someone reading the archives here he he he

    • msexceptiontotherule

      that’s why I’m thinking of making a private page that only lets us read and comment on it

  3. gunslingergregi

    Jail one of the last exclusive mens clubs. Although it was wierd when I was being booked and their was a woman entering data into computer and we were all alone. I gues guys must not automatically want to beat woman huh to put her in that position and not have changed the rules. Then the chick who brought lunch came into the cell area all by herself and the guys lined up and got there one sandwitch and one milk lol food was shit.

    • msexceptiontotherule

      They usually won’t send women in like that all alone unless they’ve got some major heavy duty security camera systems and other jail staff is close by.

  4. gunslingergregi

    Thinking about it was pretty freakish to see that many young guys and some older guys in there like that.

    Like the whole goal of the states is to make sure a man ends up with something on his record.

    Then what is he supposed to do.

    Same question I asked the chick entering my data. What do you expect me to do after I get this on my record. She looked ready to cry.

    But yea Same thing I said to the lawyer I hired who said he would be having lunch with the judge.

    What do you expect me to do if I get this on my record and cannot get a job I want?

    A downward spiral into sweet bliss.

    But they always find a way to pull me back in.

  5. gunslingergregi

    They are like oh yea this is really bad on your record and it will be hard to get employment.

    Shit was funny and made no sense at all.

    I was pretty indiferent to what they were gonna do as I knew what I was gonna do.

    People make choices and deal with consequences.

    It was like oh yea we are about to punish you for life with this on your record. We are not gonna punish you for the crime but punish you just to fuck with you. Well what the fuck are my choices when you are telling me your fucking me over above and beyond what a person should get fucked over for doing what I did. Then even the cop was treating me with kid gloves when he arrested me. I was calm as fuck. He is like we have to arrest automatically.

    Riightt. Well so far two black guys have visited my chicks friends and both have had cops called multiple times by the woman they visited over dv and neither of them went to jail.

    I slapped a man.

    They were fighting with woman.

    • msexceptiontotherule

      sometimes the mandatory law details end up screwing people in the name of justice, which is total crap. It’s like sending someone to jail for 15 years because they had a 5 dollar crack rock and the law dictates that the crime will always be punished by 15 years in jail no matter what.

  6. gunslingergregi

    Also I had no intent to do massive damage or I would have done it. Just a wake up call.

  7. gunslingergregi

    I was perplexed and asked the chick why a woman would fight with a man as there would be no chance of winning?

    Like it makes no sense to instigate violence when a guy can take it to a much higher level.

    Shes like us black woman can fight or whatever.

    I am like riighhhtt.

  8. gunslingergregi

    Oh yea the chicks didn’t go to jail either so at least it was fair for the black side anyway.

  9. gunslingergregi

    Guess they either lied or it is only mandatory for white males.

  10. gunslingergregi

    But you know as the black people on blogs always say white people just can’t know what it is like for them in the hood. Well yea a double motherfucking standard is what he he he

  11. gunslingergregi

    Going away party for me tonight though and 5 woman have been cooking for 2 days he he he

    So still alpha I guess.

    With all the shit talking I have done the black chicks can cook.

    But I lost 22 pounds since coming back from iraq so whats up with that. Theres a new fad diet in there somewhere.
    Kind of makes me feel cool he he he
    Created an entire life in a matter of 4 months he he he
    I guess chick talked to her mom about the baby and that I didn’t want it and the mom said she would help her out and whatever and that she couldn’t pressure me to stay or whatever. But yea the mom got loot so that is cool. I wreckin.

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Some black chicks can cook, but it seems to be limited to only the ones who have at least one grandma around and ideally living in the same house with them. Grandma makes the best food hands down though, and teaches everyone her recipes over time.

      It’s good that your soon-to-be baby’s mama has figured out how she’s going to do things knowing that you’re not interested in sticking around with her even though she’s pregnant.

      Maybe you have a tapeworm (if you’ve lost 22 pounds since leaving iraq) – I’d have that checked on if I were you ;)

  12. gunslingergregi

    no comment on the double standard eh


    • msexceptiontotherule

      I’d have to say that the whole double standard thing shouldn’t be an issue now that white people go to jail just as much as black people. Not only that, but there are way more important things for everyone to worry about nowdays – world is going to hell in a handbasket whether you live in the hood or in a nice cushy suburban environment. Out in the L.a. area the hood and the suburbs are right next to each other, so we kinda wave hello to each other as we pass through on our way to the hood or the suburbs – but some of the more uptight white folk will lock their car doors and write down license plate numbers every time they see someone who’s not old and white like them.

  13. gunslingergregi

    Although diferent than like my first wife who did not know how to cook at beginning but did put in the effort. Bought some cookbooks. Started making the fresh bread and homemade pizza. Through trial and erroe also worked her gravy until it was legend. Also had the zatziki and could eye a two and half pound t-bone and where to cut.

    Not as much from scratch stuff but got the fried chicken and porkchops down pat along with cornbread.

  14. gunslingergregi

    ”””’Maybe you have a tapeworm (if you’ve lost 22 pounds since leaving iraq) – I’d have that checked on if I were you ””””

    Well my gall bladder is gone so maybe part. Also I am probably a little bit more active than I was. Plus sex can be a good workout. In iraq pretty much just worked all the time and sat at an office desk 7 days a week. I figure in indo will prob get in even better shape he he he

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Once you get to indo you’re gonna knock up the wifey – we already know it’s possible for you to father a child, and if it’s been any kind of length of time since the last time you saw her she’s going to be all over your ass until you’re suffering from dehydration. Besides, what are you waiting for? It’s not like you’re getting any younger mister, and I bet your wife has been dying for some babies. *Your* babies. hehehe =)

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Damn you, you’re MIA again on me!

  15. gunslingergregi

    lol yea ok I admit this one. Working my bank thing and then ticket thing.

    ”””””Once you get to indo you’re gonna knock up the wifey ””””””

    Heeecckkkkkk Yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    That is the goal.

    In fact that is really the only stated thing she wants me to work on he he he

    She has been craving my kid for some time. Hopefully can make it happen with more time than two weeks.

    • msexceptiontotherule

      hahahahaha, yeah, more than two weeks might help with the goal. Hopefully you’re successful in that endeavor, and I’ll make a baby quilt. :)

  16. gunslingergregi

    ””””’and if it’s been any kind of length of time since the last time you saw her she’s going to be all over your ass until you’re suffering from dehydration.”””’

    Yea lol umm last vacation yea after bout 5 days couldn’t do it anymore but healed up in a day or so though once the callous started healing ahahahahahahaha

  17. gunslingergregi

    ”””””’I bet your wife has been dying for some babies. *Your* babies. hehehe =)”””””””

    Yea when I told her I might be tempted to talk to god she said not until we had some babies. I do not know what it is with woman and my babies lol
    Like I am not nescesarily needed they just want to use me to get my genes he he he

    • msexceptiontotherule

      Well, it could always be worse – she wants your genes not someone else’s :) You’ll be a good dad, she’ll kick your ass if necessary ;)

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